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Welcome to Viet US Guide, where we specialize in immigration assistance for the Vietnamese community in Georgia. Our team is dedicated to making your transition to life in the U.S. as seamless as possible, with a deep understanding of both Vietnamese culture and U.S. immigration processes.

Pre-Move Consultation

Our pre-move consultation services prepare you for life in the United States, offering insights into American culture, lifestyle, and non-legal aspects of the immigration process.

Document Preparation Assistance

We assist in preparing and organizing essential documents for your immigration application, ensuring accuracy and compliance with U.S. regulations with non-legal matters.

Translation Services

Our translation services ensure that your immigration documents are accurately translated, bridging language barriers and simplifying your immigration process.

Application Assistance

We provide non-legal guidance through the application process for visas, green cards, and citizenship, helping you fill out applications correctly and advising on the necessary steps for a successful outcome.

Why Choose Viet US Guide?

Choose Viet US Guide for our expertise in Georgia and deep understanding of Vietnamese culture. Our personalized, approach ensures that your specific needs are met, facilitating a positive and stress-free move to the U.S.

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Viet US Guide Immigration Assistance Services

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