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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Services

Comprehensive Immigration Assistance

Q: What does your immigration assistance entail?
A: We provide non-legal assistance including document preparation, application support, and guidance through each step of your U.S. immigration journey. Disclaimer: We do not offer legal advice or representation.

Pre-Move Consultation Services

Q: How can Viet US Guide help me before I move to the U.S.?
A: We offer pre-move consultations to prepare you for life in Georgia, covering cultural nuances and logistical preparations.

Translation and Document Preparation Services

Q: Do you provide assistance with document translation and preparation?
A: Yes, we offer translation and document preparation services for your immigration needs. Note: This is non-legal assistance.

Cultural Adjustment Support

Q: How does Viet US Guide assist with cultural adjustment?
A: We can provide cultural adjustment support through orientation workshops and sessions to ease your transition into U.S. society.

Orientation Tours and Cultural Workshops

Q: Can I get help with understanding local culture and places in Georgia?
A: Absolutely, we can offer orientation tours and cultural workshops to familiarize you with Georgia’s culture and key locations.

Community Integration and Networking

Q: How can Viet US Guide assist me in integrating into the community?
A: We can organize networking events and community integration activities, helping you connect with the local community and other immigrants.

Settlement Assistance in Georgia

Q: What kind of settlement assistance do you provide?
A: Our settlement assistance includes housing help, school enrollment, employment assistance, and guidance on daily life aspects in Georgia.

Healthcare Navigation and System Orientation

Q: How can I navigate the healthcare system in Georgia?
A: We can provide basic healthcare navigation assistance and system orientation, guiding you through healthcare options and insurance understanding.

Educational Workshops and Language Classes

Q: Are there any educational workshops or language classes available?
A: We can offer English language classes and skill development workshops to enhance your abilities and ease your integration into U.S. society.

Employment Assistance

Q: What type of employment assistance does Viet US Guide provide?
A: We can assist with job searches, resume preparation, and understanding the local job market to help you find suitable employment in Georgia.

Driving in the U.S.: Learning and Licensing

Q: Does Viet US Guide offer assistance with driving in the U.S.?
A: We can connect you with partners that provide driving lessons and guidance through the process of obtaining a U.S. driver’s license.

Assistance with Local Customs and Etiquette

Q: How do you assist with adapting to local customs and etiquette in Georgia?
A: We can provide information and advice on local customs, social etiquette, and cultural norms to help you comfortably integrate.

Support for Family Members

Q: Does Viet US Guide offer support for family members of immigrants?
A: Yes, we can offer comprehensive support for family members, including spouse and children, ensuring a smooth transition for the entire family.

Guidance on Financial Matters

Q: Can you provide assistance with financial matters in the U.S.?
A: We offer basic guidance on financial matters, such as banking, credit systems, and managing expenses. Note: This is not financial advice.

Navigating the U.S. Education System

Q: How can Viet US Guide assist with school enrollment?
A: We provide support with school enrollment procedures, helping you understand the U.S. education system and find suitable educational options for your family.

Local Community Engagement

Q: How can I get involved with the local community in Georgia?
A: We facilitate community engagement by connecting you with local events, clubs, and organizations that align with your interests.

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